Radio and Television:

- Programme on RTBF Radio : « Les Belges du Bout du Monde » (= Belgians from
   the other End of the World) (January 2000, March 2001) A book has been edited by
  Adrien Joveneau on the occasion of his broadcasting (2002) New interview transmitted (January 24th 2010)
- Documentary on VRT Belgian Television in the series « Grenzeloze Liefde »
  (= Love without Frontiers) (June 2002) Broadcasted on BVN (Mai 2003)
  Broadcast VRT (June 2006 + September 2008) Reporter Annick Ruyts edited a
   book based on the series, article « Sibylle lives her Tale from 1001 Nights » (2004)
- Shooting of the short film « Escapades à Marrakech » (2002)
- Recording of the cinematographic programme « Soora » by Moroccan
  television 2M
(February 2004)
- Documentary on Morocco realised by V.I.P. ART Production (Hungary, 2004)
- Documentary realised by Moroccan Television RTM: “Les Jardins de Marrakech”
  (= “The Gardens of Marrakech”) (March 13th & 25th 2006, August 2008, November 2010 and November 2011 and March 2013)
- Documentary of Belgian Television Vitaya : “Droomhotels” (= Dreamhotels)
  (March 15th 2006)
- Programme on Belgian Radio “Radio 2” in the series “Koffers & Co”
  (= Suitcases & Co) about the hammam (February 28th 2007) and in the programme
  “Kook” (= Cooking) about preparing mint tea (March 1st 2007) and the tanjia
  (May 31st 2007)
- Shooting of a publicity spot for Lipton Tea (Netherlands) (September 2007)
- Culinary documentary in the series “De Mosterd van Abraham” (= Abrahams
  Mustard) on Belgian “Vijf TV” (April 7th 2008) and book edited by Gene Bervoets.
- Video “Cooking with Tagines” on You Tube (since November 2009)
- Life style magazine “Schöne leben” on Austrian television ORF (December 20th 2009).
- Travel magazine on Belgian television VRT Eén “Vlaanderen Vakantieland” about the Moroccan Imperial Cites (November 20th -21st 2010)
- Riad Dar Sbihi has served as dressing room for the actors of the French film “La folle Histoire de Max et Léon” Starring Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais.


- Article in the magazine « Medina » (September-October 2002): « Les Familles
  Marrakchies » (= Marrakshi Families) and « Gastronomie. Tanjia marrakchia.
  Un Plat simple et savoureux » (= Gastronomy. Tanjia marrakshia. A simple and
  tasty Dish).
- Article of the Brazilian reporter – journalist Samira Campos on her website and in
  the magazine « Na Moita Mag » (December 2002).
- Article in the Belgian magazine « Genieten » (June 2003) in the column « Belgen in
  het Buitenland » (= Belgians Abroad).
- Article in « Le Soir Magazine » (November 5th 2003).
- The Austrian magazine “G’sund” (March 2004): “Orientalische Exotik Pur”
- The magazine “Genieten” (January 2005): “20 B&B: A Guide of exclusive
  Guesthouses of Belgians abroad”
- Shooting of fashion pictures for “Harper’s Bazar” (Greece; June 2005)
- Pictures of the courtyard with the gardens for the magazines “Gardenia” and
   “Villegiardini” (July 2005).
- Article « Dar Sbihi. Tradition et Authenticité » (= Dar Sbihi. Tradition and Authenticity)
  in the magazine “Medina” (Hors série, no.32, 2005: Special
   Marrakech: Décoration Maison d’Hôtes. Art de Vivre. Art de la Table) (= Special
   on Marrakech, nr. 32, 2005: Decoration of Guesthouses. Lifestyle. Gastronomy)
- Article in the Belgian travel magazine “Grande” (April 2006): “Marrakech. Entre
  Tradition et Avenir” (= Marrakech. Between Past and Futur).
- Steps City Magazine (April 10th 2006).
- Article in the magazine “Grande”: “Special Citytrips” (February 2007).
- Article in the magazine “Libelle” (March 1st 2007): “Logeren bij Belgen in
  sprookjesachtig Marokko. 1001 Nachten met Ontbijt” (= Staying with Belgians in
  enchanting Morocco. 1001 Nights on BB).
- The magazine “De Reisreporter” (March 2008): “Logeren bij Belgen in het
  Buitenland blijft populair” (= Staying with Belgians abroad is still popular).
- Fashion pictures for the magazine “Libelle” (April 24th 2008).
- “Citytrip Magazine” (nr. 3, Septembre 2008): “Marrakech vijfmaal anders”
  (= Five Times Marrakech).
- The Spanish magazine “Woman” (July 2009): “Marruecos, en Bici”
  (= Morocco on Bicycle)

- Web site 6minutes (November 4th 2009): “Winterzon bij Vlamingen” (= Flemish Winter Sun)
- The magazine “Inspire” (nr. 8, November 2009 – March 2010) In flight Magazine Thomas
   Cook Airways: Travel guide Neckermann “Thuis Buitenshuis. Comme chez soi à l’Etranger”
   (= Feeling at Home abroad)
- Web site (July 6th 2010): “Riads in Marrakesh”
- Norwegian web site “Bo billig og bra i Marrakesh” (August 29th 2010)
-Web site “Marrakech: How to choose the right Hotel?” (January 18th 2011)
-Web site “Magnificent Morocco” (March 14th 2011) (April 22nd 2011): “Visit the exotic Travel Destination of Marrakesh, Morocco”

-Web site with questions and answers from travel experts on (April 24th 2011)
- Web site “Best Hotels in Marrakech” (June 27th 2011)
- Web site (November 24th 2011): “Explore the unique Appeal that is Morocco”
- Web site (May 26th 2012): “ Riad Dar Sbihi: Un Riad pour tous les Goûts” (= Riad Dar Sbihi: a Riad at everybody’s Taste)
- National Geographic Traveller UK magazine: “ A Riad with a View” (October 2012)
- The magazine “Vitaya” (March 2013): “Marrakech. 1001 Nachten...of 3 zomerse Dagen “ (= Marrakech. 1001 Nights…or 3 Summer Days)
- The culinary magazine and web site “De Tafel van Tine” (January 2015): “Culinaire Reizen zijn in!” (= Culinary Travels are popular!)


- The Sunday Times – Travel (November 21st 2004)
  The Times –Travel Knowledge (December 6th 2004)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”(November 19th 2005): “Twee-in-één Vakanties:
  Bestemmingen waar Zon en Cultuur of Natuur samengaan”
  (= 2 Journeys in 1: Destination Sun and Culture or Nature)
- Article in the newspapers “Het Nieuwsblad”, “De Gentenaar” and “Het Volk”
  (February 5th 2006): “Vlaams Gastenverblijf verbaast in de roodbruine Stad
  Marrakech” (= Amazing Flemish Guesthouse in the red City of Marrakech)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (March 11th 2006): “Hier schijnt de Zon al
  met Pasen” (= Sun at Easter)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (April 8th 2006): “De Ronde van Marrakech:
  3 Uitstappen in de Omgeving van de Keizerlijke Stad” (= The Tour of Marrakech.
  3 Excursions near the Imperial City)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (August 7th 2006): “Marrakech is mooiste
  Stad ter Wereld” (= Marrakech is the most beautiful City in the World)
- Article in the newspaper “De Tijd” (October 7th 2006): “Marokkaanse Stadsvilla’s
   worden trendy Hotels. Design versus authentiek.: Riads in Marrakech” (= Moroccan
  Houses become trendy Hotels. Design versus Authenticity: Riads in Marrakech)
- The newspaper “The Guardian / The Observer” (October 29th 2006): “The Escape
  Guide. 20 best Places to stay in Marrakech”
- The newspapers “De Standaard” and “Het Nieuwsblad” (January 20th-21st 2007):
  “Logeren bij Belgen in het Buitenland” (= Staying at Belgian Places abroad)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (December 15th 2007): “Hollywood in de
  Sahara” (= Hollywood in the Sahara).
- The journal “Het Laatste Nieuws” (February 18th 2008): “Reisnieuws” (= Travel
  News) (participation at the B&B expo in Brussels March 15th-16th 2008).
- Article in the journal “Het Laatste Nieuws” (May 31st-June 1st 2008): “Paleizen
  worden Charmehotels in Marrakech.
   De mooiste Riads” (= Palaces become charming Hotels in Marrakesh. The most beautiful   Riads)
- The newspaper “De Standaard” (November 21st 2009): “ 10 Keer weg met Kerst” (= 10 Travel Ideas for Christmas)
- The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (February 20-21, 2010): “Uniek logeren in Marrakech” (= Exceptional Accommodation in Marrakech)
- The newspaper “The Times” (August 21st-22nd 2010): “20 Great Marrakech Riads”
- The newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” (November 13th-14th 2010): “Arabië op een Schoteltje”
  (= Arabia is being served)
The newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (August 26th 2011): “Aalsterse leidt een Hotel in Marrakech”
- The newspaper “The Times of India”, travel portal HappyTrips (May 2015): “The best Places to stay in Marrakech”


- “Les Belges du Bout du Monde” (= Belgians from the other End of the World)
  is also a book published by Adrien Joveneau on the occasion of his broadcastings
   (2002 & 2010)

- Reporter Annick Ruyts edited a book based on the series “Grenzeloze Liefde”
  (= Love without Frontiers), article “Sibylle leeft haar Sprookje van 1001 Nacht”
  (= Sibylle lives her Tale from 1001 Nights”) (2004).
- The guidebook “Marrakech Evasions / Marrakech from the Inside”
  (editions 2005-2008).
- The book “Logeren bij Belgen in Italië, Spanje, Portugal & Marokko” (= Staying
   with Belgians in Italy, Spain, Portugal & Morocco) (editions 2008-2017).

-“National Geographic Guidebook” (USA)